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Couples & Families

Kimberlee's areas of specialty include: 

  • Anxiety & OCD

  • Depression 

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues 

  • Body Image and Self-esteem 

  • Motivational challenges

  • Stress Management and Self-Care 

  • Anger Management

Kimberlee works with teens and adults and welcomes all those willing to seek growth and support. 

Although every individual is unique, all therapy is tailored to each individual. You may anticipate the following experience and outcomes in therapy: 

Kimberlee's work with all individuals may include recognizing emotional triggers, processing emotional experiences, understanding and recognizing unhelpful thinking styles and belief systems; utilizing positive reframes and identifying positive perspective shifts. You will work toward improving boundaries in your close relationships, promoting self-care, improving challenges related to motivation, learning how to become more assertive, and work toward fostering gratitude, positivity, and self-worth. 

Kimberlee works with both couples, and parents & teens.

Kimberlee's approach with couples and families is grounded in emotionally focused therapy techniques.


Kimberlee works toward supporting couples and families to improve their cycle of conflict, recognize emotional triggers, implement healthy and effective communication strategies, set boundaries, and establish healthy conflict styles and patterns of communication with one another. We identify love languages, and patterns brought forward from individual family experiences growing up, including how a family goes about showing and expressing love and support through an assessment of attachment styles. 


Through Kimberlee's experiences, she recognizes that many individuals come to couples therapy primarily looking for their experiences to be validated and to feel better understood and heard by their partner.  As such, the foundation of Kimberlee's work with couples is geared toward identifying and improving communication breakdowns and conflict in order for both individuals to feel as if their needs and emotions are being understood and met by their partner. 



Additionally, Kimberlee supports families and individuals with parenting issues and conflicting parenting styles. She works primarily with parents and teens in a dyadic format, and supports the family to move toward resolution, healthy boundary setting, and increased positivity and interactions within the family unit. 

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