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Our Services

Our therapists offer in-person, phone, and video sessions. We work with teens, adults, and couples, and welcome all those willing to seek growth and support. 

Initial sessions with your therapist will involve an overall assessment and identification of your therapeutic goals. The therapist will put together a treatment plan to meet those goals and collaboratively work with you throughout the therapeutic process. Individuals may anticipate activities or homework outside of therapy to enhance the work you are doing with your therapist.  

To make the most of your time in therapy, we encourage that you bring a notepad and pen for any reflections and notes you may have during a therapy session. 

Sessions take place regularly, weekly or biweekly, and typically after someone experiences therapeutic progress you will begin to spread out sessions and have check in or maintenance sessions with your therapist.  The frequency of sessions is an individual choice and something that can be discussed with your therapist. 

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