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        About Therapy

For many, a first therapy session can be both anxiety-provoking and exciting.  What therapy truly requires is your willingness to show up and share your story.  Being vulnerable is intimidating for many, and for those who have chosen to take the therapy leap, they have discovered that true feelings of strength and empowerment come from their willingness to be vulnerable and share their story.


Everyone's therapy journey is different. You may laugh, cry, feel relief, and joy as you experience growth and come to new understandings about yourself. Experiencing a range of emotions is all a part of the therapy experience, and therapy is meant to guide and support you as you embark on your journey.  The goal with all individuals is to empower them to identify and move through their feelings with an increased sense of strength, understanding, kindness, forgiveness, and self-love. 

Therapy is a safe place where you can take some time for yourself in a supportive environment to simply be and process what comes up for you. For many, therapy is a regular component of their self-care routine or, simply put, "you time". At Nourished Mind, you can expect an environment that is warm, healing, supportive, and even fun!

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