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Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee MancinaKimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina Kimberlee Mancina

About Kimberlee

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Kimberlee Mancina

Registered Psychotherapist


I am grateful for the opportunity to provide individuals with a sense of connection and support that I believe we all need to thrive. I thank each and every individual that I have had the opportunity to meet and those who have enriched my life through their willingness and strength to share their story - Kimberlee Mancina, RP

Kimberlee has always had a genuine fascination with people’s experiences and interactions with one another.  She believes that many people come to therapy feeling “stuck”. As we work through experiences of both joy and pain, she continually witnesses the commonalities we share with one another. As alone as we may feel at various times in our lives, our shared emotional experiences with each other are endless. As such, Kimberlee's work is informed by a deep sense of appreciation and curiosity about the connectedness we share with one another.  Her goal with all individuals is allowing them to feel a sense of comfort and excitement about the therapeutic process. Yes, excitement!  :) 

Kimberlee has her Master of Counselling in Counselling Psychology, she has had the pleasure of working in a private practice setting for the past several years. Kimberlee is a regular member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, and she regularly attends their annual conference and workshops. Kimberlee is a registered member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  She has certifications in suicide prevention training, emotionally focused couples therapy, happiness interventions, intervention strategies for depression, and nutrition and mental health to name a few. 

Kimberlee adopts a holistic and strength-based approach and integrates various health and wellness models. She has studied cognitive behavioural techniques combined with positive psychology interventions, solution-focused interventions, mindfulness techniques, attachment theory, and incorporates elements of health and well-being when working with individuals.  A holistic approach truly allows Kimberlee to target all aspects of a person's life, and from her experience, this approach lends to the most successful and transformative therapeutic results.

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